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Green tea blog team

Green tea blog teamHere at the Green Tea Blog, we take pride in providing great information on real estate trends and luxury home building. We love to provide selling and buying tips to our readers. All of our writers were either real estate agents, are currently agents or have working in the business before. We don’t give information that is irrelevant or not helpful.

Why the name Green Tea? It’s funny because most people don’t think of green tea when they are buying, selling or building a home. Green tea is a great drink to help relax the body and mind. We believe that home buying, building and selling should be a stress-free experience. So, we decided that green tea blog is a great name for our site. So when you are researching real estate and luxury homes, think green tea or even sip some!

If you have any questions or comments about our website, please email us at admin@green-tea.us We are happy to have guest posting and to provide blog articles to similar sites.